Eagle's Cry

Adopt-A-Dog Month

Quinn White, Reporter

November 22, 2017

The U.S. is home to an estimated 14,000 animal shelters and pet rescue groups, who take in nearly eight million animals a year.  In fact, homeless animals outnumber homeless humans five to one in the United States. To help counteract thi...

Job of the Student Services Secretary

Kianna Boston

November 16, 2017

The job of working in Student Services at West Anchorage High School has it's challenges dealing with 1,846 students, making sure that they're getting to their classes on time, and making sure they're following the rules of the scho...

Cosmetology at KCC

Casundra Primm, Reporter

November 16, 2017

King Career Center (KCC) offers a Cosmetology course where students can learn about how to care for the hair, skin and nails. In the cosmetology course students get accumulated hours towards their 1,650 hours that are needed for...

“You’re Fired!”

“You’re Fired!”

April 18, 2017

Hearth: New Wood Fire Pizza Open In Anchorage

Sara Grande, Reporter

April 5, 2016

On Saturday January 23, 2016 Anchorage received a new type of restaurant to the Northern lights community. Jon Campobello, same owner as Middle Way Café was inspired from the culinary scene when he took his trip to Portland a...

Career & Technical Education (CTE) Wing

Savon Berry, Reporter

April 5, 2016

The (Career technical education) is the new wing at West Anchorage high school. It will teach West students and even students from U.A.A. The C.T.E wing has a wide variety of classes and options for opportunities after high s...

Fur Rondy Sled Races Faced With Changes

Brianna Lindemann, Reporter

April 5, 2016

This year’s World Championship Sled Dog Race at Fur Rendezvous faced some major changes during the annual event that took place from February 26th through February 28th in downtown Anchorage.  The three-day race was reformed to...

Fur Rondy Carnival

Keisha Marquez -Rios, Reporter

April 5, 2016

The Carnival is a part of the Fur Rondy Festival; it is an annual winter festival in Anchorage Alaska that starts in late February. Now, in 2016, it makes 81 years of how long the Festival has been around.  The carnival typical...

Earthquake Damages West Library

David Leituala, Reporter

April 5, 2016

On February 11, 2016 Anchorage experienced a 7.2 magnitude earthquake that damaged several areas. The earthquake damaged the library of West Anchorage High School,  “I believe that it’s safe to keep student out of the lib...

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