Alaska Teen Media Students Go Live On Air


Youth Reporters, Kendall Stormo and Mike Stallworth interview Anchorage-based gaming app developer Jazon Burnell for their radio show, “In Other News” on Feb. 25, 2017.

Quinn White, Reporter

Have you ever been interested in the production of audio and radio? Youth with the Alaska Teen Media Institute (ATMI) are learning about those exact things. “In Other News” is an ATMI produced radio show that airs on KNBA 90.3 FM Anchorage on the last Saturday of every month.

The Alaska Teen Media Institute is a place for students, age 13-24, who are interested in learning more about journalism and media production. Audio, film, radio and print are just some of the things that students with ATMI can chose to study.

Youth Reporter, Kendall Stormo, says, “[In Other News is] a student produced and student run news show open to anyone who’s interested.”

On Saturday, Feb. 25th, a group of students accompanied by Rosey Robards, the Director of ATMI and Robert Stormo, the Assistant Director, travelled from the ATMI headquarters to the KNBA studio to prepare to go on air at 4 pm. Upon arriving at the studio, the students ran through the scripts and tested out the microphones to make sure everything would run smoothly.

This particular episode of “In Other News” contained a news and events segments, a live on-air interview with an app developer based out of Anchorage that was an interlude with lots of music. Although Kendall says doing the show is “kind of nerve wracking,” she says, “It’s a fun experience.”

This episode contained a unique live interview of Jazon Burnell, an Anchorage-based gaming app developer, who talked about his new app, “Broken Space”.

Mike Stallworth, 17, is a Youth Reporter with ATMI who attends Service High School. Stallworth first came to ATMI because he wanted to find an outlet for him to make movie reviews, but over time he has became more interested in radio and audio. Now, he focuses more on film production and contract jobs for places such as UAA, Alaska Geographic or The Alaska Forum On The Environment.

Stallworth often talks about how unique it is to be able to have the opportunity to contribute to a radio show. He asked, “How many kids do you know who can say they’re on a radio show?” And went on to talk more about how much he enjoys the idea of being on the radio.

The next edition of “In Other News” will air Saturday, March 25 on 90.3 FM Anchorage. If you’re interested in participating in “In Other News” or are interested in making media, consider becoming a member of ATMI! You can find more information on, or stop by their office at 203 W 15th Ave #103.