Colony Drill Meet

Salvador Delreal, Reporter

On February 10th, West Anchorage High School traveled to Colony High School to compete in the second to last Drill meet of the year and took home five trophies. At this meet, nine schools with each having 5- 7 teams for each category competed for the second to last drill meet of the year.

With the opening ceremony starting at 9:00 a.m., the first categories that compete are first year color guard and Varsity Color Guard. Since the color guard teams are made of four members, two flags and two rifle guards, they can complete the sequence using half a gym floor and both category teams can go on at once. The color guard commander for West’s First Year was Kyreen Lapoon, and for varsity the commander of the team was Sedaira Mano.

After the color guard categories finished, the varsity regulation teams competed, followed by the first-year regulation team. These teams consist of either a nine-member team with a commander or a 12-member team with a commander. With these categories, this requires the team to use most of the gym floor to perform the sequence. The varsity team is commanded by Mano and the first-year team is commanded by Vladimir Coon.

The last two categories that West competed with were Armed Regulation and Solo Rifle Spinning. Armed Regulation has a similar sequence to Unarmed Regulation, but the main difference is that the team marches with rifle replicas. The commander of the Armed team was Nathan Russell. For Solo Spinning, a single spinner gets a small area to do a custom sequence that they create. For the first time in Alaska, West competed with Mano, the first female soloist, along with Russell.

At the end of the Drill Meet, West proudly won five trophies: three 1st place trophies, one 2nd place and a 3rd place trophy.