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Houlton Dannenberg

Houlton Dannenberg, Journalist

Houlton Dannenberg, more commonly known as, Holt, is a 16 year old Sophomore at West Anchorage High School. Dannenberg, along with his mom, dad, and two siblings, moved from Virginia to Alaska five years ago. Dannenberg joined journalism this semester in order to progress toward his life goal of becoming a political journalist. He says,“I want to help warn people of the dangers of trusting the media without question.” He is a self-proclaimed nerd and is an efficient, responsible member of West’s student body. Dannenberg has always been one to get straight ‘A’s, but was able to finish last semester with a grade point average that was higher than a 4.0.

With all this success, it’s a shock that Dannenberg is still able to make time to spend with his chaotic family and dive for both West’s competitive team and the Arctic Diving Club. “You almost feel weightless in the air and for about five seconds you have to control every muscle in your body. That feeling is priceless,” Dannenberg said when asked what had sparked his love of the sport. Apart from diving, he also enjoys many outdoor activities such as hiking and biking.

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Houlton Dannenberg