Women’s March on Anchorage


Signs left at the march by people who wanted to give others signs.

Pierce LeFebvre, Reporter

The Women’s March was held on Jan 21, at 10:30 AM. It was set to help people who are concerned for the future of our country to have their voices heard.

Many students from West High went to the women’s march, and some of the teachers too.

Sterling Nelson, a junior, went to the march. “Not only was it just about women but it was about people in the LGBTQ+ community, and about different races and religions… I felt that people’s voices needed to be heard, and I thought if more people showed up they’d get more of a voice,” Nelson said.

Jody Nordby, a history teacher from West, was at the march protesting. “I saw lots of former students, and current students, and lots of friends and it was just a really strong, really fun and powerful community event,” she said.

At the march, people rallied at the flagpole and then started to march through downtown, chanting and holding up signs. Nordby went with a few other teachers, protesting alongside them. “This was a thing about a woman’s right to her body, it was about the environment, it was an anti-Trump in some respects, it was for people who were just afraid of the new administration, and things regarding LGBTQ rights,” said Nordby.

There were many people at the march fighting for their basic human rights as minorities. “I was marching for my rights as a trans kid, and my family’s rights, my mom and my sister,” said Nelson. However this continues, people will not stop fighting for what they believe is right.

A crowd of people, holding signs and chanting.