Career & Technical Education (CTE) Wing

Savon Berry, Reporter

The (Career technical education) is the new wing at West Anchorage high school. It will teach West students and even students from U.A.A. The C.T.E wing has a wide variety of classes and options for opportunities after high school for students whether they’re college bound or not. It is 28,000 square feet with 11 classrooms. Classes in the C.T.E include geology, process tech, journalism, Emergency tech, and even media film and production classes. This new wing also gives teachers better opportunities to teach. Teachers like Sven Berglund and coach Tim Davis were very excited to have more space and materials to show the students.

        Coach Tim Davis who produces some great films and packages was very excited to talk about his new room.  “My favorite thing in my new room has to be having better resources for the kids to make sure they have the ability to share their products with the world “said Davis. He also stated that being in the new C.T.E wing should attract more students to his program. He does plan on seeing more of his student films and productions out in the community and on the news someday.

Sven Berglund, the geology and, process tech teacher who had to travel back and forth between his two rooms was also eager to get students in his new room. Berglund “The new C.T.E, wing is a thing of beauty and I love the new building smell.” He stated that every goal he has ever had he plans to achieve in this building. He feels more kids will be tempted to take his course because of simply how good it looks. His teaching ability went from a “7 to a 10” Berglund said and he plans to see way more geologist and process techs because of this new C.T.E wing.

Mr. Stone a key part of opening the C.T.E wing was happy to be able to have it at his school for his students. Stone plans to produce more graduates because of the program. “When students and young adults are excited about the next step in life, and they know why they’re doing the math or doing the science they want to come to school. They don’t want to let the teachers down. When school is fun and exciting they want to be here,” Stone said. When asked if he would add more programs he stated, “ I would expand the programs we have to make them the best they could be instead of adding more”. The C.T.E wing has high hopes and beginnings for students who plan to succeed, and have high paying careers in the future.