Hearth: New Wood Fire Pizza Open In Anchorage

Sara Grande, Reporter

On Saturday January 23, 2016 Anchorage received a new type of restaurant to the Northern lights community. Jon Campobello, same owner as Middle Way Café was inspired from the culinary scene when he took his trip to Portland and opened up a wood-fired pizza restaurant right next door to the one he currently owns.

Kyle Ggantz, front of the house manager from Hearth pizza, said that he has never owned any type of restaurant but jumped into this project two months before the restaurant opened. “The construction has been going on for six months but the actual planning of this new restaurant took about three years,” said Ggantz.

The pizza at Hearth is not like one you would get at Moose’s tooth or any other local pizza restaurants and you certainly don’t have to wait half an hour for your pizza. When asked the best part about the pizza, he responded, “ The flavor and certainly the charred, and how we cook our pizza with alder wood, which gives it a nice flavor.”

Waitress at Hearth Pizza, Brooke Weavers favorite part about her job is that it is a fun environment, co-workers are also excited to work and the customers are always so friendly. Brooke would recommend this new restaurant to anyone and because the food and the service are wonderful and it’s a pretty place, the environment makes it feel like a fancy restaurant but homey too.