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Quinn White
Quinn White is a sophomore at West High School. When she’s not writing articles for the Eagle’s Cry, she enjoys traveling, taking pictures and swimming for the West High swim team. 2015 was her first year on swim team, and even though she often struggles with it, she really loves the sport and plans on participating again next year.

During the winter months, she and her cousin Tommy like to go snowmachining, and during the summer she likes to go on adventures with her friends. Her favorite places to go adventuring are the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail, Kincaid, and Girdwood. On these adventures she and her friends typically just walk around and take pictures.

Quinn wants to become a journalist one day, and plans on going to a university in Washington state. In July 2016 she will attend the Washington Journalism and Media Conference in Washington D.C at George Mason University. She is very excited to represent West High School and the state of Alaska at the conference and is thrilled to be given the opportunity to attend. She wants to be either a photo journalist or investigative journalist and travel the world with her job, and work for either National Geographic or NBC.

Quinn White, Reporter

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Quinn White