Senior Survey


Quinn White, Reporter

In a survey of 109 seniors, it was found that many have big plans after their last day of high school, May 11th. What can we expect from West’s graduating class of 2018?

Of the students surveyed, 38 percent plan on attending a four-year college or university, but 14 percent are still undecided. Another popular post-secondary option is enrolling into a two-year community or junior college.

With almost half of surveyed students planning on attending some post-secondary school, it is apparent that the class of 2018 is a dedicated group. Nearly 58 percent of seniors have a job or had one at some point over the school year. Most of those students work 11-20 hours a week, but some work more.

In the “other” option, students listed enrolling in the police academy, taking over a family business, working, or traveling before beginning college. The most common careers/occupations that students are interested in include accounting, business, engineering and medical careers.

34 percent of our college-bound Eagles will be first-generation, meaning neither of their parents attended college. 15 percent of students reported being awarded grants and/or scholarships for their college education.

Nearly 30 percent of the graduating seniors are planning on attending UAA this fall and roughly 10 percent have enlisted in the military.

Wherever you fall within these statistics, we wish the Eagles all the best, as they leave the nest!