AMMC Youth Racing

AMMC, also known as the Alaska Motor Musher’s Club which is a very exciting local snowmachine racing organization that is focused on safety. AMMC has races to accommodate all types of racers. Races in the general racing season include cross country, snow cross, hill cross, drags, 120 races, occasionally vintage races and youth races.

This club has been in action since 1967 and the organizations’ staff is completely made up of volunteers who are dedicated members of AMMC. Youth racing is a hard thing to come by with racing circuits. AMMC is a local favorite for youth snowmachine racing. AMMC offers lots of races and fun and exciting events for the young racers involved with their amazing group.

AMMC welcomes the youth snowmachine racers all across Alaska to participate in their youth races. One of these kids is Jaxxon Skrukrud, a six-year-old kindergartener at Rabbit Creek Elementary School. He has been riding snowmachines for four years now. He has been racing with AMMC and racing in general for two years and is dedicated to his sport.

Jaxxon rides his snowmachine around his neighborhood every chance he can get and his mom, Lindsay Skrukrud says that, “Jaxxon really wants to one day be a professional snowmachine racer,” and at the rate he’s going, he might just be able to achieve that. He is in the “pro” group, which is the highest level he can be on for a racer his age.

AMMC is a really big part of Jaxxon’s racing current career. This organization is Jaxxon’s favorite out of all the racing groups he belongs to because “It has lots of fun events.” Lindsay said that, “It really gives the kids a chance to grow.” Which is going to be important for an aspiring professional snowmachine racer like Jaxxon. Lindsay decided to put her kids into AMMC because, “it’s a really great organization” that her and her family has been a part of for four generations including Jaxxon.

On Saturday, January 17th, 2015 Jaxxon raced at the first 120 youth race of the 2015 snowmachine racing season on Big Lake. At this race he raced other kids his age and in his same “pro” racing category. He said, “It was a really fun race to be in.”  At the end of the day he placed fourth overall in his category. The “placing” with AMMC however, doesn’t go off of who gets first place in races, it goes off of a points system.

The kids with the most points at the end of the system get to go to the Iron Dog race in March and go to the youth race there. Jaxxon hopes to attain his goal of having enough points to go to this big race, and at this point in time, his chance of going is looking pretty good.

AMMC is a well renowned racing circuit in Alaska. It is one of the oldest snowmachine racing organizations in Alaska. It’s one of the few groups to let youth across the state of all ages and of all skill levels compete in races all over the state. Whether you are a first time racer or a pro, if you are a little kid or a senior in high school, AMMC welcomes riders of all kinds to their one of a kind snowmachine racing events.