Eagle's Cry

West Choir

Ahtearra Steffan

December 17, 2013

Most students at West think choir is “an easy A” but is it? Or is choir more than that? What does choir mean to students and what makes them love or hate this class? Choir is an elective, but for most students it’s much...


Madison Meredith, Staff Reporter

November 6, 2013

West High is the oldest school in Anchorage and you couldn’t imagine the variety of lockers we all have troubles with. Students, teachers, security guards, and you yourself have to think, how old are these lockers? Today,...

GED vs. Diploma

Ahtearra Steffan, Staff Reporter

November 6, 2013

Do you know the difference between a GED (General Education Diploma), and a high school diploma?  They are so much alike, yet so different, and a GED is a viable option for many West students who aren’t on track to graduate....

“It’s Not Ghetto, it’s Vintage”

Amber Groff, Staff Reporter

November 6, 2013

Leaky ceilings, cold rooms, hot rooms, faulty lights and odd tasting water. Does any of this sound familiar? It should. This is the state that our very building, West High School, is currently in.  West was built in 1953 as ...

Late Start

Dondres McMorris, Staff Reporter

November 6, 2013

Studies show that there would be more benefits than just sleeping in if high school started at a later time.  West High students agree and many would love a 9:00 a.m. start time. Most teens do not get enough sleep, normally...


Samantha Algoso, Staff Reporter

November 6, 2013

Do you plan on joining the military after high school but have no experience or knowledge? Air Force Junior Recruit Officer Training Corps (JROTC) can offer you a variety of activities and events to attend to give you a wider...

Managing Work and School

Monica Salazar, Staff Reporter

November 6, 2013

With the excessive amount of stress that school and homework create, many West High students still find the time to add a job onto their list of priorities. But why do they choose to balance such a swamped schedule? Many high...


Jocelyn Peguero, Staff Reporter

November 6, 2013

Bullying is a serious problem for people of all ages worldwide. At West High there are students and teachers that have experienced this negative effect in their lives. Lisa Mounds-Craft, West High School counselor, says, “Bullies...

Balancing Act

Mario Mendez, Staff Reporter

November 6, 2013

Dedication, determination, perseverance, and the will to go above and beyond are what it takes to be a West High student athlete.  It’s not just performing your best in the game but out of it as well that makes an athlete successful. Balance...

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