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West Anchorage High School: Do you ever see that one student that always has a Red Bull every single day?

On December 1st, 2013 a survey was given to determine on average how many kids drink Red Bull drinks and how often. It is shown that 5/10 students have at least one or more Red Bulls a day. What is so special about these Red Bull drinks? As told by student Laura Jones, “It is a daily routine for me to have my Red Bulls, I love them and can’t go throughout the day without one. They have gotten very expensive though which sucks but my parents give me the money so it really isn’t a huge issue.”

Another student from West, Madison Cranmer, says, “I have Red Bull occasionally but it is definitely not a necessity. Too much gives me a headache and makes me feel funny. It is interesting that everyone reacts to Red Bull differently and how some people can drink three to four a day!” All in all it is a caffeine addiction and students love that Red Bull is quick and easy to get due to all of the coffee shops we have here in Alaska.

The barista at Cafe Espresso said, “Children in high school tend to buy Red Bull drinks more than coffee, with Red Bull you can get it in an Italian soda with any flavor or even a smoothie. It has been a huge success for our business and seems to continue to grow. On average over 70 percent of my clientele is high school students and being close to West is another bonus because we get all the students from lunch.”

Do you ever wonder how much a person spends a week on Red Bull? The answer is mind blowing. Statistics show that some students spend $42 a week for one Red Bull a day. While on the other hand, two Red Bulls a day equals about $84 a week, not even including the tip!

As Laura Jones stated, her parents pay for hers so that may be why she drinks so many a day. Some students that have a job and live on their own only buy Red Bull when they have the money because it does add up and become a very expensive addiction.

A very interesting fact, Red Bull is almost $6 when it used to be only $4 but majority of the coffee shops raised the prices due to increase on other items used to make the Red Bull drinks. Very few coffee shops still sell them for $4 but Cafe Espresso still does, which is why the business is doing great.

If you choose to drink Red Bull be wise about it, don’t spend all your money on a drink. Save up for something more meaningful and that won’t go away in fifteen to twenty minutes. Every one in a while you can splurge and get a sugar high but it is unhealthy for the body to have too much caffeine, so watch out.