Is College For You???

In the United states 66 percent of students who graduate high school attend college and two out of five of those earn a degree. There have been many cases in which high school students only attend college because of their parents and through the process only 49 percent of them actually graduate.

Jaxyn Weber, Angelica Garcia, and Maya Saelee are three West High School students. Jaxyn Weber, senior, plans to attend college after high school not because she wants to but because it is her obligation to attend and graduate. Both of Weber’s parents graduated high school and college and is pressured into following their footsteps. One of the things Jaxyn is having trouble with is not knowing what she wants to study when the time comes for her to actually attend college. Although she does not know what she wants to do, she encourages others to “go to college because if you don’t, it won’t be good.”

As for Angelica Garcia, she is very determined to attend college and has her future planned.  Garcia plans on being a plastic surgeon and hopes to attend Grenada University. She does not have much financial support from her family, but she is determined to further her education. Growing up, Garcia was raised with a single mother who supported her and her siblings.  Her mother is someone she looks up to and is determined to become a successful woman in order to take care of herself and her mother. Garcia lives by something her mother always told her: “ If you don’t want to live in the streets then go to college.”

Without other support, Maya Saelee depends on her grandmother to guide her through her course to Washington State and earn a degree in Interior Design. “I am only going to college for my grandma because if it wasn’t for her, the thought of going wouldn’t be in my head.”  She believes having a career class in high school would motivate her to attend. Her advice for others is,“ think more about your future, don’t slack, and keep your grades on check.”

Mrs. Wilson, a counselor at West High School, has helped many students attend college and encourage them to have a future plan.  Mrs. Wilson encourages them to take an exam to investigate their personal interest.  Once that step is done, the next process is to sit down and have a one-on-one conversation about their ideal place to study and a right place for them. Because there are many students who cannot afford college, she believes that the government and schools should help the students get help with financial aid.

“Find your purpose in life and put a plan and action on your goal,” says Mrs. Wilson.