West High is the oldest school in Anchorage and you couldn’t imagine the variety of lockers we all have troubles with. Students, teachers, security guards, and you yourself have to think, how old are these lockers?

Today, one of West High School’s concerns is the old rusty lockers. That satisfaction students get when they think they’ll open their locker on the first try and just when you know it, it’s jammed closed or doesn’t open at all.

Students are late to class, and teachers are fed up with hearing lockers being kicked and punched because of the fact they don’t budge to open. How about when lockers don’t have coat hangers to hang fancy jackets or sweaters?

An ordinary girl that goes to West everyday has similar problems with her locker. Junior Tara Taguchi says, “It’s absolutely ridiculous that my locker never opens on the first try, I always have to pull it and open it from the top, and I’m always tardy to my classes, definitely looking forward to having new and improved lockers and attend my senior next year with no problems.”

A controversy on this subject has reached its peak and students at West have the power to change it. Anchorage School District Super Intendant Ed Graff says that schools are low in funding and that they cut some classes and can’t afford certain materials. If the committee and brilliant students at West High come together and help invest on earning money on new lockers, it would show that students care about their school and make it a better atmosphere to be in.

Student Brandon Clements says, “A feeling of new surroundings such as these lockers would be a good idea. I’ve been going to school here for two years and the many friends I had that graduated here all said the lockers definitely need a change and look of style to brighten this school up and i think so too.”

Teachers are irked about having to stop in the middle of teaching for late students and students getting tired of carrying their books, sweaters, and items with them because of their broken down lockers.

The benefits of improving the school lockers is not only that it would make West High a changed school, but students would be on time and not so stressed out.