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Tristan Nyman was born in Anchorage, Alaska on June 19th, 1997. Tristan’s parents have always been passionate about the outdoors and music, thus giving Tristan these qualities. Tristan’s passions include any and all physical activities, most notably football, hiking, skiing, running, and climbing. Amongst these activities, Tristan also has many hobbies that he enjoys. Fishing and playing guitar are the two main hobbies he enjoys to partake in. Tristan especially loves to play the guitar, a trait that practically defines him.

Tristan is always a very busy person year round. During the summer, Tristan becomes obsessed with fishing, and he is constantly down at local rivers with friends, while at  the same time going to football workouts. When school begins, Tristan’s schedule completely changes. During school, Tristan plays football in the fall, and in the spring, he runs track. During Tristan’s senior year, his football team won state championships, and hopefully come track season, he will win another state title for his 4x200 relay team.

When Tristan is not in sports during school, he goes to the gym with his gym partner, Syd. Tristan has a strict schedule of going to the gym every day in order to get in shape for whatever sport comes next. This schedule leaves little time for freetime, but in his free time he always plays guitar. In the winter Tristan practices playing guitar as much as he can, for he sometimes plays at local venues. Tristan hopes to play in the talent show this year. Overall Tristan is a busy person who loves to participate in many different types of activities, and will rarely pass up on a fun time.

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Body Building

Body Building

Tristan Nyman, Reporter
November 6, 2014
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