Europe Summer 2014

Imagine going to London, Paris or even Madrid! West is offering that opportunity for a select group of students.

The Europe trip is for West kids that would like to explore all of Europe. The program is sponsored by the EF (Education First). “Anyone can go”, says Miss Carolina Carr, Spanish teacher and trip chaperone.

All you have to do is register with the EF program and also let Sra. Carr know BEFORE the last day of registration, pay the money monthly or you can also pay everything a few days before the trip. The date set for this amazing trip will be May 24th 2014, a few weeks after we get out of school. About 25 kids will go on this trip.

To fund raise, the Europe kids are selling popcorn and delicious churros during lunch, they also sell burritos from Gallos, which happens about twice a month, every Tuesday. If you really would like to go on this trip, and found a lot of interest in this trip start signing up! Sra Carr isn’t so sure when she’ll go on this trip again but she says “I’d really like to go somewhere else instead of Europe but id have to talk to the principal about that”. She says that she loves going to Europe and the experience is amazing.

The students’ perspective of this is somewhat similar to Sra.Carr’s. Laura Jones, junior at West, says, “this trip sounds amazing,” but she’d prefer go with her friends than the school. She doesn’t think it would be fun with the school because she wants to be able to have fun and explore. She says she will miss her best friend Kimberly who is going on this this trip for almost a month. She states that she is aware of the things we are selling and does help out buy buying things from the trip’s fundraising efforts. She says she might consider going next year for her senior year if her and her friends don’t plan on going anywhere else.

The kids going on this trip are as excited as Sra. Carr. Martin Juarez, a junior at West, says he can’t wait to leave! He wants to go dig up as much history as he can. He says this would probably be his only opportunity to go to Europe. He’s never been there, but he’s always wanted to go. He has participated in many activities to raise money so the cost of the trip won’t be as high for his parents. He has helped out during parent teacher conferences where they sold chocolates and popcorn, also with picking up the food for the students and making the churros for lunch. He says, “we all take turns selling so it’s fair for everyone, the ones that don’t just pay the whole thing.” He also states that going with the school is better because he feels safer. “I saw the movie ‘Taken’, and that movie scared me.”