Eagle's Cry

Middle vs. High School

Amya Crain, Reporter

May 6, 2018

Central Middle School of Science students Jadori Burse and Jada Roberts were interviewed on what they think high school will be like along with Axel Martinez, from West Anchorage High School, who spoke on his perspective of high...

Mr. Goudreau: Biology Teacher

Vanessa Goerisch, Reporter

May 6, 2018

Brian Goudreau is a Biology teacher at West Anchorage High School.  He has taught at West for 27 years, and has been a teacher for 38 years.  His classroom is located in the science wing, because he is a science teacher, and...

Upsale Shoe Game

Raymond Vu, Reporter

May 6, 2018

Want to make money? Well, ask your parents for $200 and buy a pair of shoes that will resale for a profitable price on the secondary sneaker market. If you love sneakers and love money then this would probably be interesting. Over...

CITC Schoolyard Program

Adrian Amorak, Reporter

May 6, 2018

The Schoolyard Program is located at the Cook Inlet tribal Council building on Debarr road. The program has many benefits for Native American and American Indian children. In the program kids from high school and middle school...

B-Free: The Man, The Mystery

Quinn White, Reporter

April 5, 2018

Devoted teachers are what makes a school a community. Bryan Friedrichs is one of the teachers who has taken his passion for working with young people and made it into a career. However, change is in the air. Friedrichs a fam...

Life at “The Freez”

Casundra Primm, Reporter

January 10, 2018

Since 1958, Anchorage residents have been coming in to Tastee Freez grab a delicious burger and a “freezie.” There are currently 36 Tastee Freez locations throughout the country, but Rich Owens is the owner of the only...

The Art Program At West

Esmeralda Santos, Reporter

January 10, 2018

Art has been a fundamental part in the human existence for its connection with people and the evolving history of the ancient civilizations. In the same way the art program at West High School has been offering student the opportunity...

High School Ministry

High School Ministry

November 18, 2017


Raven Straight, Reporter

November 16, 2017

AFJROTC is a program at West High School that takes up a lot of time.   “I probably spend about 50 hours a week on ROTC,” Jeffrey said. The students and teachers spend time in the morning before school, during class, an...

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