Middle vs. High School

Amya Crain, Reporter

Central Middle School of Science students Jadori Burse and Jada Roberts were interviewed on what they think high school will be like along with Axel Martinez, from West Anchorage High School, who spoke on his perspective of high school, to give an understanding of the stereotypes of high school.

Middle school student Jadori Burse, like most middle schoolers, thinks that high school is going to be harder than middle school. Burse said, “My work right now is easy, and I think my work in high school is going to be harder, because classes are going to be harder.” Jada Roberts, a student at the same school, agreed saying, “You’re going to get more work than you do in middle school.” High school freshman, Axel Martinez, confirmed that high school will be harder. “Middle school work was kind of easy. High school work; they give a lot of homework,” Martinez said. Also, in a survey of high school students, 75.1 percent of students said that their work is harder in high school than it was in middle school.

Burse said that she does not think she will be changed as an individual after being in high school. Roberts contradicts Burse’s statement, describing how she will change while in high school. “I think I’m going to be focused on doing my work, more than being [caught up] in drama,” Roberts said. Martinez is in the middle. He said, “I haven’t changed. I got more responsible, I guess you can say. I’ve tried to mature, but you know how freshman are.”

There is controversy about what people and high school are really like. Roberts said that people are annoying in middle school, but thinks that they will be cool in high school. Burse is on the complete opposite side of the stick. She said that the people in middle school start a lot of drama, but that “there’s probably going to be more drama [in high school], because there’s going to be more people.” Martinez has the same perspective as Burse, saying that could high schoolers are cold, and sometimes childish. In the survey of high schoolers, the question, “are high schoolers nicer than middle schoolers?” was proposed. Most of the high schoolers voted a five on a scale of one to 10, being in the middle.

Waking up early in the morning seems hard for a lot of people. Roberts says, “I’m going to have to go to sleep at like eight, because you have to get up at 5:00am.” Even waking up as early as she does now is hard for Burse, “It’ going to be hard [waking up early], because I usually wake up at 7:00.”

Martinez concluded his interview with some encouraging words for middle schools, “Don’t [mess] up your life… stay in school, don’t do drugs, stay in a good path, [and] don’t be peer pressured.”