Trick-or-Treat in Kempton Hills

Another great example of how spirited Kempton Hills can be on Halloween.

Another great example of how spirited Kempton Hills can be on Halloween.

Mikhail Tretyak, Reporter

Trick-or-treaters are always looking for the busiest neighborhoods to get those full-sized candy bars or other sweets. If you are one of these many individuals, Kempton Hills is one place sure to please.

Up the street from Brayton Drive, Kempton Hills is an expensive neighborhood that has been known as a hotspot of sorts for anyone on Halloween. The main reason for this, is because of how much effort the members put into this time of year. From dressing up when answering the door, decorating their houses in great amounts, to full-sized Snickers bars and more, Kempton Hills is not surprisingly a popular place. With all of that being said, it’s interesting to wonder why so much effort is put into this holiday.

Local Kempton Hills resident Lynn Reynolds has been living in this neighborhood for quite some time, and has been into the Halloween spirit for all this time, as well. Reynolds said that she enjoys decorating her house, because “it brings some fun to those who see it,” she says.

Considering how there appeared to be a website dedicated to Kempton Hills residents, it was worth considering whether the blog required certain activities during certain holidays. When asked Reynolds if this was true, she said that “there is a homeowners association, and rules we have to follow, but this is just for fun.” Along with this, it should be worth noting just how many people actually visit this neighborhood during the holidays. Reynolds said that she normally sees “about one hundred trick-or-treaters on a good night.”

Of course, there are the trick-or-treaters that enjoy Kempton Hills, as well. Six-year-old neighbor Leo Otto had much to say about this particular neighborhood. Regarding why he enjoys getting candy in Kempton Hills, Otto said he likes “all the candy, and meeting new friends.” He apparently likes it so much, that he plans to go to this specific neighborhood every Halloween. More specifically, Otto said “how could you not?”

Front door to the house of Lynn Reynolds, showing how much she enjoys Halloween decorations.

While the decorations are quite lively, more than half of the decorated houses have a less grotesque approach to spooky. Considering that this place is huge for any trick-or-treater, more grotesque decorations would probably disturb any children in this neighborhood. That, and Reynolds says that she “prefers funny over grotesque.” There were some however, who do not seem as spirited. Kempton Hills resident Bill Jackson does not decorate, but does give out candy. Jackson says “I don’t mind the trick-or-treating, but I just don’t have the time for the lights and stuff.” Jackson still gets many visitors however, despite the lack of festivities. Jackson even said he recognized Otto as an annual visitor. Of course, Jackson is not the only one who does not decorate; but he is one of the few who does indeed take part in the holiday, even if there’s a lack of Halloween spirit.