Mr. Goudreau: Biology Teacher

Vanessa Goerisch, Reporter

Brian Goudreau is a Biology teacher at West Anchorage High School.  He has taught at West for 27 years, and has been a teacher for 38 years.  His classroom is located in the science wing, because he is a science teacher, and he is also the department chair for science.  Goudreau is a very interesting teacher, and he seems to know a lot about Biology and the world in general.

Goudreau enjoys teaching because it allows him to form relationships with his students.  He would describe himself as, “curious, learning focused, and … valuing relationships with people.”  Goudreau also enjoys outdoor activities such as fishing, hiking, and going bird-watching.  Goudreau is married and has three children.  After retirement, he hopes to be able to spend his free time doing outdoor activities and volunteering at places that foster issues that matter to him.  He plans to live in a university town where he can experience some of the cultural things that happen there, as well as being able to take classes.

The decision to study biology has shaped all of his jobs and academic interests, including teaching.  He also chose to move from Massachusetts, where he was born and raised to live most of his adult life in the West.

One of Goudreau’s students, Levi Butcher, who is in his second period biology class says that, “I like how real he is with the class.  He’s always honest and doesn’t really … let anyone think [something] that isn’t … right, he’ll correct you and… have it make sense in every way possible.”

Butcher says that Goudreau is pretty chill and puts a lot of thought into conversations.  He also says that Goudreau is a very realistic person.  He thinks that Goudreau’s classes are pretty funny sometimes, and overall there is a good balance between being quiet and out of control.

Lilly Kocurek, another student in Goudreau’s fifth period biology class usually eats lunch in his classroom.  She says that Goudreau is interesting and he likes to talk about cool things, which are sometimes off topic, but still very interesting.  Kocurek says she likes Goudreau because “he gets really off topic, but he gives us a lot of information about whatever he’s talking about regardless of the topic.”

Kocurek also does not like taking tests, but she overall thinks that he is a pretty good teacher.  She says that she has heard him “roast students, which is really fun to hear… luckily I have evaded that so far.”  Kocurek says that she has learned some valuable life tips and information about college from Goudreau, which she finds very useful.