The New KCC: King Tech High School

Aaliyah Lapan, Reporter

The King Tech High school, formerly known as King Career Center, is known for helping students prepare and get credits for college with vocational education. Some students say that taking a class at King Tech helped them make up some missing credits or to just learn some knowledge about the future occupations that they want to have.

King Tech also assists students with how to apply for a job in the future, as well as soft skills such as skills such as accountability, attitude, professionalism, and the most important of all, kindness. They have specialized programs allowing eligible students to participate in a six-week unpaid internship with an industry partner. Students in 11th and 12th grade are allowed to join to get their extra credits but they have to have a certain grade in order to get the classes wanted.

Allysa Joy Mina, a senior at West, started at King Tech this school year. She’s currently taking Personal Care Assistant (PCA) class to practice the expertise of a job in the health care field. Students go to assisted living homes or hospitals to practice in a broad kind of way. Mina plans on taking another medical class next semester for some additional credits for her college.

West seniorZoe Kristiana Viray is currently taking a Certified Nursing Assistant (CAN) class, which is basically a registered nurse’s assistant. Taking a class at King Tech helped her to prepare and also to get college credits. Also, in the CAN program students have to pay for about $200 when they take a test for a certification.

According to Viray, “If you’re dedicated to learn and passionate about it,” it will be easier for a student to learn all the ideas that the instructors are teaching. Viray gets to interact with other students from other schools like Dimond and East, which helps her to get out of her comfort zone and do things that she does not normally do.

Claudia Meneses is another student at West and is currently taking Culinary Arts class at King Tech. Ever since she started, they have been going to different places for field trips, like a cruise to cook and prepare the different kind of dishes they have been learning.

Teamwork is the main thing that they learn from this class, because most of the work that they do requires a lot of team effort. As of now, taking the class is helping Meneses to gain knowledge about more kinds of culinary preparation, and it helps her to have extra credits as well. “I would totally recommend this course to other students,” Meneses said.

King Tech really helps students for having extra credit points and give opportunities to them now and in the future.