Upsale Shoe Game

Raymond Vu, Reporter

Want to make money? Well, ask your parents for $200 and buy a pair of shoes that will resale for a profitable price on the secondary sneaker market. If you love sneakers and love money then this would probably be interesting.

Over the last few years, there have been new shoes coming out everyday, such as Jordans, Adidas, and Nike, Reebok, etc. The best sneaker brand at this moment are Adidas Yeezys because “these shoes are designed by Kanye West which is easily a hyped shoe and he only sells the Yeezy’s in small batches so it is hard to buy these shoes at a retail price,” said Deon Nguyen.

There are also a lot hyped shoes that people are willing to buy no matter what the price is. These “hyped” shoes can consist of collabs between two companies such as OFF WHITE/ Virgil Abloh and Nike. A specific pair can be Nike Vapormax OFF WHITE which retail at $250, but after the retail price is sold out, it goes into the secondary market such as Goat, Ebay, Mercari, etc. for a price of $1,100 for size nine. This is only one method out of a few different methods on reselling shoes.

Another method is restoring beat up shoes that are retailed at a high price. One example is restoring a pair of Air Jordan 11 “Concord” Lows which retail at $150 but an average resell price of $385. At this point you will have to buy a used shoe since you don’t want to buy a new shoe that you can’t resale for a higher price.

So a used pair of Concord’s can be purchased at around $160 and all you have to do, depending on the shoes, if the soles are discolored, buy a bottle of Salon Care 40 Volume Creme Developer and apply it on the bottom sole, wrap in Saran Wrap, and let it chill in the sun for at least 1-2 hours. If there are any other problems with the shoes, do some research and watch videos on how to repair the issues. After restoring the shoes, take high quality pictures of the shoes to appeal the buyer.

Some tips on being a sneaker reseller is “being patience and smart on what shoes you are buying,” said Nguyen. Restoring a shoe depends on the status of the shoe, so don’t go out there and buy a shoe with cuts or tears and “make sure to buy a used shoe at a reasonable price, so try to bargain with the seller if it’s too overpriced,” said Nguyen, an experienced reseller. Some tips on being a sneaker reseller is “being patience and smart on what shoes you are buying,” said Nguyen.

Being patient is probably the biggest virtue on reselling shoes because “you’ll have to deal with low ballers who offer for a lower price than it was listed for, therefore you are wasting your time on them,” said Nick Engvall. Always keep in mind to research about the shoes you are buying or selling, you don’t want an overpriced shoe so “sell a shoe at a reasonable price so you can have repeat customers who are willing to pay your asking price,” said Victor Tran.

Reselling shoes seems difficult but it will be worth it if you are being smart with your money. Soon the resale prices of shoes will drop and you won’t get the most money out of it.