Eagle's Cry

Senior Plans

Hunter Robertson, Reporter

May 21, 2015

Everyone knows seniors are excited about graduating, but why are they truly thrilled about it and what plans do they have in the future? Most of West High’s grads’ are looking forward to college but,4 are they going in-state...

Graduation Color Guard

Edmund Luciano, Reporter

May 21, 2015

Every year the West High Air Force JROTC unit completes over 100 color guards for various events and organizations. Out of the numerous color guards that the unit completes, none is more prestigious from a cadet standpoint then...

West Talent Show Review

Alexa Stanley

March 24, 2015

West’s city Talent show was scheduled for Saturday January 31st at 6:30 p.m. located at the West Anchorage High School Auditorium, and tickets were purchased for only five dollars. The annual event kicked off student, friends an...

Holiday Prep

Jianny Guzman

January 8, 2015

One of the busiest times of year is approaching, and while there's snow on the ground families are gathered to spend quality time together. Over the years people have prepared for these upcoming holidays because they are a time...

After School Jobs

After School Jobs

December 22, 2014

West High Partner’s Club Bowling Tournament

Tristan Nyman, Reporter

December 8, 2014

Every year at West High School, Partners Club competes in the annual Alaska Special Olympics bowling tournament. This year, The tournament took place on the 6th of November, and was a competitive and action-packed event. All of...


Halee Gregory

December 8, 2014

Halloween is a time of year where kids and adults can dress up as anything they want and get free candy! Most adults stay home and give out candy to the trick-or-treaters. Other adults may have little parties at their house, or...

Bored? Go to Laughing Club

Chase Sutton

December 8, 2014

Have you ever found yourself walking the halls during lunch with nothing to do? Or did you just lose something you really loved? If it so happens to be a Tuesday, you're in luck. Go to Laughter Club in Science Room 8 during the...

Hallway Horror

Eddy Jimenez

December 4, 2014

There are 1,852 students currently attending West High School. That number greatly exceeds the number of custodial staff that are currently working that the school. Due to all the students, the school needs to be well kept. As...

Commuting to West

Carla Hanley

December 4, 2014

For some students that don’t live by West, driving to school can be a pain in the butt. From living by Dimond, to living by East, to living by Bartlett, all those drives can get on people’s nerves. Students complain how...

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