Everything You Need to Know About King Career Center

Ali Karief, Reporter

King Career Center is located at 2650 E. Northern Lights Blvd. Anchorage, AK 99508. KCC prepares students for entry-level positions in career fields and/or post-secondary education or training. KCC has a program each quarter where they bring employers to the school, students can get real jobs and hired on the spot.

Of 26 career pathway programs offered at KCC, industry professionals teach 19; teachers teach the others with extensive knowledge in industry standards, Said KCC principal Lou Pondolfino.

Anybody is allowed to join KCC during their junior or senior years including homeschoolers.

KCC lives by the belief of two groups of stakeholders, the students and industry. The grade level at KCC is from 11-12.

School hours in the Morning session are from 8–10 a.m. and the noon session is from 11:15 a.m.–1:30 p.m.

KCC has 42-44 employees including Security and teachers who help students, and make the school as safe as possible for all students, says principal Lou Pondolfino.

Pondolfino is the principal of KCC and has been for six years. He said, “In my 25 years in education not until I came to KCC in 2011 did I see how education can really work its magic here, when you’re being taught by professionals who knows the industry.”

Principal Pondolfino says, “KCC is the best form of public education that I witnessed in my 25 years of education.”

Brian DeMarcus has been working at KCC for 20 years. He teaches Computer Info Technology in Room #210. He has 20 students in each of his morning and afternoon classes. “Students learn and get certificates in PC Pro, Net Pro, A+ Net Plus, Security plus, all national certifications,” DeMarcus said.

Computer Info technology learns how to troubleshoot and maintain computers, also build computers. He believes that KCC is about helping young students find a place in this world with usable skills that can go out and get employment.

When asked about how he felt about KCC and its objectives. Mr. DeMarcus responded with, “I wish it was around when I was in high school, it’s very valuable in the community.”

Josiah Darrel is a homeschooled student at KCC in the morning session. Josiah is currently taking Computer Technology at KCC. “I love being at KCC,” said Josiah. He believes that KCC is training for the work forecast

KCC helps him with actual work training and prepares him for a big and exciting future, said Josiah. KCC is labor training for him and that he can’t remember a time that he actually used something he learns at school, outside of school.

Josiah feels that KCC is real job training and he can’t think of a better place to be, but at KCC. A friend of Josiah who also attended KCC highly recommends him for it. He was told that KCC was pretty cool and exciting, which interested him.

When asked if KCC helped him in any way, Josiah responded with, “Definitely. It actually helped me find out which career and college I want to get into.”

When asked if he feels safe at KCC, Josiah responded, “I feel very safe here and this is a very good program that sets and prepares kids for their future.”