Laughter Club

Marley Toleafola, Reporter

What is Laughter Club? “Laughter Club is more about the act of laughing and how it’s good for the soul, rather than jokes,” says Anna Warknock. This is how she describes Laughter Club that meets in Science Room 8 every week on Tuesdays.

Anna loves coming to this club, she has also brought and made friends in it as well. Anna first heard about this club through her two friends, Eli Shair and Jacob Volz.“I joined my Freshmen year, it’s a really fun club to come and enjoy yourself,” says Anna. Anna also likes to eat food, talk with people and laugh.

The club began about four or five years ago, when a couple of students wanted to start their own club. Of course they needed a sponsor so they asked Mr. Lynch and he said yes. “I planted the seed and it grew,” says Lynch. He also says that Laughter Clubs started in India from a man that wanted the club for health and peace.

Both of these interviewees are not interested in becoming comedians. Mr. Lynch doesn’t want to because he believes that some jokes might offend people, and some might not even think its funny. Anna thinks that she wouldn’t “prosper” as a comedian.

Laughter Club is ranged at least two through 65 that show up, and at least a dozen regulars that come every week. For the first ten or fifteen minutes they would run around in the science wing. They all scream, “HO HO HA HI,” it starts off with a fake laugh but once it ends every member is out of breath from the running and laughing.

“The only requirement for Laughter Club is that you are born,” says Lynch. He then gives examples of how babies laugh when they are born as well. “If you think about it, babies laugh all the time. What do adults do, they make babies laugh. That’s really what Laughter Club is about becoming childlike.”