West Basketball Summer Plans

The West High Eagles took what they did from last off-season and put it to good use as they won the 2015 State Basketball Championship by beating East 77-73. This proved that what they did in the summer was vital to their success. So what we’ll they do now after winning a championship? Will they be satisfied or work even harder?

Junior point guard Da’zhon Wyche, who’s been playing basketball since he was four years old and has been on the varsity team for all three of his years of high school, thinks the summer was a huge part to not only his success, but also, to his individual success. “Usually, in the summer, players from different teams are formed by coaches around Alaska to go travel to places like Las Vegas, Chicago, Seattle, and all sorts of big cities. I’m going to Vegas to play in a tournament called the Super 64 where a bunch of college coaches come out to watch and scout us high school players,” he said.

Da’zhon also believes that his experience in Vegas will help him achieve his personal goals as well. “For me, I feel like there’s always an opportunity to get better at your craft, so I want to try and gain strength and speed as I train and play in Vegas. Teams in the lower 48 are faster and stronger, so I’ve got to prepare myself for what’s ahead of me,” he said.

Freshman shooting guard Debonaire Doutrive, who moved from Texas to come play at West and was on the varsity team as a freshman, says that his off-season plans are going to consist of more than one sport. “This offseason, I plan on working with Coach Wyche here in Alaska and I’m also going to do football training to prepare myself to play football because I feel that football skills can translate to my basketball skills onto the basketball court.”

Many would think that after winning a championship, you would get complacent and satisfied with one. Debonaire would beg to differ. “Personally, I’m always striving for more. No matter how well I do. The moment you relax and get complacent or satisfied with what you’ve done, that gives another athlete the opportunity to pass you. I just stay humble and keep pushing myself because the sky’s the limit.”

Junior center Brandon Huffman, who’s been on varsity since he was a freshman, says he is also traveling this summer to play for a travel team. “This season, I’m traveling with a group of players and a team called We Got Nextt to go play in tournaments in the Lower 48. This past season was a rollercoaster in Brandon’s eyes. He’ll never forget the moment the clock hit double zeroes. “Once I saw that clock hit double zeroes, I couldn’t believe it. I was so proud of the team and how we fought all season to get where we wanted. It was an amazing feeling. We’re going to try as hard as we can to get back to that same moment.” Brandon wants to prepare this summer for a huge accomplishment for next year. “My goal next year is to get another championship. We’re not satisfied.”