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Rhiannon Horton, Reporter

Rhiannon Horton is a 16 year-old junior who was born on April 22, 1999.  She loves to write, read, and listen to music.  She mostly spends her time on Netflix and YouTube, but she is very social as well.  

Rhiannon’s favorite childhood movie is Treasure Planet.  She thinks that the movie did not get the credit it deserved.  She has seen it so many times that she can recite the whole movie when she is watching it, but everyone around her does not think it is cool when they are trying to watch it.

Her style varies on her mood.  Some days, she looks really nice and she feels confident.  Most of the time, she likes leggings and T-shirts, and/or sweatshirts with her Bearpaws.  She mostly loves wearing band tees and leggings, because she loves being supportive of her favorite bands.  Another thing: she loves makeup.  You will never see Rhiannon without makeup at school, and very rarely outside of the house.  She loves wearing makeup and experiments with new techniques.

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Rhiannon Horton