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Safia Rasib, Reporter

Safia Rasib is a junior at West High School. She likes to play badminton, basketball and soccer. Safia currently works in McDonald’s. According to her, working is fun because you get to know more about people, and also you get some experience that you can put on resume.

She was born in Pakistan, Gujrat and later moved to America with her family. Her dream job is to be a Cardiac surgeon. After graduating from West, she will go to UAA, and later in a medical college to get her degree.

Safia can speak four languages: Punjabi, Urdu, Hindi and English. If Safia won $20 million she would travel around the world, specifically Egypt. She would love to go on a long trip and spend her time with her cousins and friends, and will save some money for future.

She likes McDonald’s and Pakistani food. In future she would like to study harder to get her degree in biology. Safia likes Horror movies, Disney movies, and Indian movies. If she could have a magical power it would be flying, because then you can do shopping easily you can just fly around in the stores and find the things whatever you need easily.

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Safia Rasib, Reporter
November 6, 2015
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Safia Rasib