January 1st Boys Basketball vs. Colony


Basketball boys West vs. Colony. The score was 82-70. The game took place at West High School gymnasium at 7:45 Pm. This game was part of the tournament and the West won by 12 points and made it to the Semi-Final. In the pic Eagles’s from West have the ball and he is trying to pass the ball to his team mate Shawn.

Safia Rasib, Reporter

West Anchorage High School boys basketball team played against Colony High School on Thursday night, January 1st, 2016. The game started at 7:45 p.m. at the West gymnasium. The Knights lost by a score of 82-70. West beat Colony by 12 points.

Antonio Wyche is currently the head coach of the West team. Antonio Wyche has been coaching here at West for five years. He said last year he had the best team and Da’Zhon Wyche was labeled the best player last year. He said, “Before the game I felt we would play them well and we would beat them by 30. After the game I felt we did a good job of handling their intensity that they brought to the game, they really wanted to beat us.”

Antonio Wyche said Da’Zhon Wyche, who is currently a senior at West, scored 50 points. Colony’s best player was Anton Chamblee. Their strategy was to out score them and not to let player number 33 and 3 Chamblee to score because they were playing well in the last match. Antonio Wyche said that the key to being a good basketball player is to work in the summer and being able to be ready to play when the season begins.

Rees Miller is currently a teacher at West said his favorite part of the game was halfway through the fourth quarter because West had created a gap and started rebounding. He said, “Da’Zhon Wyche played well on our team and he is our team captain. I always feel comfortable when he has a ball.” He also said Da’Zhon is the smartest player on the West’s team because he always knows when everyone is on the floor at any given time. He also knows what the coach wants.

Miller added, “I am really glad that we have athletic opportunities at West High School are about more than the education and you learn a lot about yourself in extracurricular activities whether it’s basketball, football, or cheering.” He says players have a huge home field advantage when it comes to the Alaska Airlines Classic. He likes it because he feels West’s gym is the best gym in the state and it looks gorgeous and can fit a lot of people.

Austin Tua is a senior at West. He said during the game coach gave advices to play hard and have fun. Tua has been playing basketball for five years and he has been playing basketball for West for two years. Tua said, “Da’Zhon Wyche is the best player. He works hard every day at practice and during the game his practice shows.”

Before the game Tua had good confidence for the team. Tua added, “We prepared ourselves for the game by relaxing at home and getting our minds ready for the game.” After the game they felt great and were able to advance in the semi-final.