The New McDonalds Shamrock Shake

Large Shamrock Shake with the cherry and whip cream on the top.

Large Shamrock Shake with the cherry and whip cream on the top.

Safia Rasib , Reporter

      Ultimate McDonald’s Shamrock Shake guide on Gluttoner, a food website says that the Shamrock Shakes at McDonald’s means only one thing the St. Patrick’s Day. The shake was first introduced at the Golden Arches back in 1970. The Shamrock Shake was first called the St. Patrick’s Day Green Milk Shake before adopting the name Shamrock Shake. The sizes you get in McD’s for Shamrock Shakes are 16oz(small), 21oz(medium), and 32oz(large) with containing at over 1100 calories in a large size.

Zahria Garner a crew member at McDonald’s, “The new Shamrock Shake is one the new the flavors for this time of the year, it is a mint flavored drink,” she said.  According to Garner Shamrock Shake represents St. Patrick’s day mostly because of the color green. Garner said, “We use green flavoring then we mix the green flavoring with the ice cream which comes out green Shamrock Shake.” She added that for most people, the shake can be too cold this time of the year, but some people want what they want.

“When we don’t sell the shakes, the customers would often complain and say, okay we don’t want anything else we will just go to the other McDonald’s. Sometimes, it makes me happy that the customer doesn’t get what they want. I feel like that’s bad, I mean if they are rude okay then whatever but if they are nice then awww.” According to Garner Shamrock Shake is so minty, and tastes like bubble gum though she doesn’t like bubble gum flavored drinks that are so minty. She added, some customers really like the Shamrock Shakes. Once there was a customer who ordered 10 large Shamrock Shakes.

Justin Ricare is also a crew member at McDonald’s. “I think that the Shamrock shake is better than the Strawberry and Vanilla shake because of its minty flavor,” he said. He drinks the Shamrock Shake every day for free. Ricare added, “I don’t think many people know about the Shamrock Shake so they don’t order the shake a lot.” He said they should not have Shamrock Shakes for too long because people get tired of the flavor and maybe they should put different flavors. Ricare added, “When we don’t serve the Shamrock Shake, customers get mad and drive away and that doesn’t really bother me.” He likes the Shamrock Shake because of its color because green is his favorite color.

Mushe Maraveles a freshman at West High School said, “I love the whip cream on the Shamrock shake. The shake tastes like Colgate and I love the flavor of this shake.” She also likes the color of the shake because it looks beautiful with the whip cream and cherry.

      According to Maraveles many people like the Shamrock Shake, included herself. Maraveles added, “The shakes are so expensive, it should be a little cheaper.  Like the small size should be $2.10, medium size should be $2.50, and the large size should be $3.00.” The original price of the Shamrock Shake at McDonald’s for the small size is $2.70, medium size is $3.20, and large size is $3.70. She drinks the shake every Saturday and Sunday.