Boys Volleyball: Shoulder Pads Off Knee Pads On

Ruta Faitele, Reporter

It’s a new start for the West Anchorage High School Boys’ Volleyball Team, as they bring in a new sport for the boys after football season. P.E. Teacher Rebecca Mason gathered up a few of the football boys to create the boy’s volleyball team, to show their massive skills on how they can jump, set, and spike against other teams. While looking closely at the teams, many great players are coming out of the shoulder pads and showing how to strike a great play in kneepads.

Junior volleyball player Siaosi Te’a, an outside hitter, expressed his feelings towards the sport as “a life lesson, of how when things come your way really hard, you just have to learn to get back up and learn how to play against it.” His position means a great role in the team and on the court. Te’a tends to use his future in volleyball as a way to grow out into colleges and become a professional volleyball player for the Hawaii Rainbow Warriors.

Zach Tiu is an outside and middle hitter and is a junior at West. He has been playing volleyball since his freshman year and has been making great memories with his teammates and his opponents. “Volleyball means life to me, I dream of volleyball, I play volleyball, and I love volleyball,” Tiu said. Overall, just like Te’a, meeting Mason was the best memory he has ever made.

Each month the boys tend to play their hearts out and learn how to fight to keep the ball up. It has been a crazy and fun experience, but these volleyball boys sure know how to take the shoulder pads off and bring those kneepads on.