JV Flag Football Last Home Game

Yara Hassan, Reporter

Flag football is an opportunity for girls to show off their strength and put in all their hard work to earning their victories. Like other sports, flag football has some difficulties and something to learn every season. The last home game of the season for West Anchorage High School JV Flag Football girls was against East High School on October 2, 2019 at West.

West and East both started the game strong, staying 0-0 for the first quarter. During the second quarter West number 36 stopped East from scoring multiple times. East then scored and the second quarter ended 0-6. During halftime JV players took a break and stretched out to be prepared for the second half.

East began the second half and scored once again. West had a tough game overall and the third quarter ended with East winning 12-0. West girls lost against East girls 18-0 as the final score. The girls were staying positive, knowing they had worked hard and tried their best during the game.

Kate Remsen is a sophomore and it is her second year of playing flag football. She feels as if her team is a second family that supports each other and work together to become better. Remsen enjoys playing flag football because it is a competitive and fun sport. She recommends girls join the team in the future because she believes they will enjoy it. “It’s a fun sport to learn and it is doing something active,” Remsen says. Keeping an eye on the ball during the game is one of Remsen’s struggles.

Flag football has many rules, and there are consequences to breaking those rules. Players must be safe at all times; they cannot use hands or push other players on either team. They cannot wear any jewelry and it must be removed prior to the start of the game. If the jewelry cannot be removed it has to be taped down.

Yahire Martinez was expecting the Eagles to end the season with a win. “We deserve to win because we worked hard this whole season,” Martinez says. She thinks the team could have some improvements such as communicating, no attitude, work together as a team to support each other and do more drills to be more prepared for the game.

Ashanti Duran has worked hard during practices to get where she is for the season. Duran was expecting the Lady Eagles to win their last home game because they all worked hard. Duran thinks the team could have communicated better, followed coach’s directions and finished the routes they were supposed to finish. Duran wanted the team to have a stronger bond to become better at working and communicating better during the game. “If we all have good connections then we will be better at playing together because we will know what everybody’s skills are,” Duran says.

The flag football season ended for the JV girls on October 5th. They have worked hard to get where they are, putting in time and effort. The girls will have better seasons next year and will work hard every time.