The System That Never Fails: Football

Deven Jackson, Reporter

It’s been a historic run for the last seven years: 74 wins, 30 losses, eight straight conference semifinal appearances, five straight title game appearances and three titles. And no we aren’t talking about Lebron James and his historic reign in the NBA, we’re talking about Coach Tim Davis and his West Anchorage High School football team.

From 7 AM to 2 PM you can find him as Mr. Davis, the Physical Education and Broadcast Journalism teacher. His upbeat attitude and youthfulness makes him a schoolwide favorite. “He’s the teacher you go to your counselor and beg for,” says Jash Tomihara, a two year journalism veteran. Davis’ video production team makes weekly videos for the youtube channel ‘Orange Juice’ (formerly known as “West UPdate”). However, at 2 :00 PM, Mr. Davis becomes Coach Davis, the football guru.

Davis’ system is one of the best Anchorage has ever seen. He’s got the numbers to prove it. It’s almost like seeing the Eagles play at Anchorage Football Stadium in mid-October has become inevitable. However, even with all of the hooplah surrounding his greatness, Davis’ personal challenge isn’t to hoist a championship trophy every year, it’s to give high school kids an opportunity at the next level in life. It’s visible when you talk to his players.

“Coach Davis is almost like a second father to me. I see him 14 hours a day so his intellect rubs off on me in every aspect of life,” says Cayden Stevens, a three-year varsity right tackle. Stevens transferred from Anchorage Christian for the sole purpose of playing and graduating under Coach Davis. An honor-roll student and multi-sport athlete, Cayden is a poster boy for Davis’ dream.

“Win The Play” is a phrase you can find all over the team locker room. Davis’ entire program is built around these three words. Coined in 2013, the team has lived by these words every season and the success is in the statement. “Win the play means not to worry about anything in the past or future. You need to lock in and focus only on winning the play you are presented with at that very moment,” says AJ Sue’Sue. The logic is, if you win every play, you win the game.

Davis is different. A football practice at West is unlike any other. The fast pace and attention to detail is unmatched. Under the philosophy, “Every Minute Counts”, high energy is paramount to the common goal shared by the coaching staff of ensuring the development of every player. There are little to no breaks in practice and everybody is encouraged to go 110 percent in every drill. “I hate conditioning.”, says Sue’Sue. “You really see the cross-fit gym teacher in him come out.” As much as the players despise the training, the proof is surely in the pudding. The team finished the season with an unbelievable, 0 season-ending injuries.

Davis and the gang look to contend for their 8th straight state appearance next year but expect a lot of new faces. “We’ll be young next year for sure,” says Josh Stoltz, last year’s backup quarterback. “But we’re playing for the system that never fails.”