Soloist Katy Green

Madison Frye, Reporter

The Alaska Chamber Singers held a choral concert featuring many proud displayed voices at Our Lady of Guadalupe on October 16th, 8:00 p.m. There are 37 members of the Alaska Chamber singers and the program has been around since 1986.

Since then their choral program has accomplished many achievements over the years such as being the first American chorus to perform in Magadan, Russia and singing under notable guests like, Kenneth Jennings.

Katy Green is a soprano singer for the Alaska Chambers Singers. She also is the choral director at West Anchorage High School and Romig Middle School, and she has been teaching choir for both schools for five years. She has a Bachelors of Music Degree in Music Education and Vocal Performance from Murray State University.

Katy was a student of the Opera Performance at the International Performing Arts Institute in Munich, Germany and has appeared as a soloist with the Anchorage Concert Chorus in their community performance of Handles Messiah.

Green has been in choir since her freshman year of high school 13 years ago, and has been involved since. The last time she sang with a choir was back in college, and since then she has been teaching choir. Katy thought she was not going to get the solo. “I was unprepared on one of the sections he told me to sing and I felt like I butchered it,” says Katy.

She practiced four to five days a week with the choir and the pianist for at least two or more hours. She also put in more time at home practicing her solo. Ms. Reed is the accompanist for the Alaska Chambers Singers and she practiced a lot with Katy.

Reed is also the pianist for West and Romig. She has been at both schools for five years as well. Ms. Reed is also a choir singer but does not sing as much, and has been playing the piano for more than ten years and loves it.

Summer Kuhns, a student at West, went to the concert to support her choir teacher, during her performance. Summer is 16 years old and has been in choir with Green as her teacher for two years.

Summer enjoyed watching Katy sing because “It was nice seeing her practice the techniques she regularly teaches us,” said Summer. She was not nervous for her because of how much she practiced, but she was very excited to see all her hard work pay off.

Katy mentioned that she wasn’t nervous, either, only because she does not try to let the nerves ruin her performance. By the end of the concert, the audience gave a standing ovation.

“Ms. Green did so well and looked very relaxed and beautiful on the stage, and I could not keep my eyes away”, says Summer after the performance was over.

Alaska Chamber Singers had done it again by holding such an amazing choral concert, and Katy will get to sing her solo again Sunday evening, October 18th, at St. Andrew Church in Eagle River at 4 pm.