Eagle's Cry

Scott Kniefel

Shi-Ann Rodriquez, Reporter

October 20, 2015

  When students see their teachers, they typically see their work ethic, their classroom management and their desire to help kids succeed. Students may not see their altruistic efforts or their personal passions. Scott...

Mr. Berglund

Katie Shake, Reporter

May 21, 2015

If you can’t find Mr. Berglund in his classroom, chances are he is in the West Gym announcing a basketball game. For those who don’t know, Sven Berglund has been a devoted science teacher at West High for over 13 years now....

Tim Davis Profile

Tim Davis Profile

May 21, 2015

West Basketball Summer Plans

Jeremiah Booth-Cordero, Reporter

May 21, 2015

The West High Eagles took what they did from last off-season and put it to good use as they won the 2015 State Basketball Championship by beating East 77-73. This proved that what they did in the summer was vital to their success....

CANstruction 2015

Tyler Ziemer

March 23, 2015

February 27 marks the beginning of the Anchorage, Alaska CANstruction 2015, a charity event hosted by the Food Bank of Alaska held at the University Center Mall. Engineers, architects, and even high school students compete...

Aron Fa’afetai

Katalina Kioa, Reporter

February 18, 2015

#OneEagle. It’s a very popular trend on social media among the students of West High, especially athletes. The hash tag signifies a unique sense of unity and pride throughout the entire school. When seen online, it usually follows...

JROTC Cadet Involvement

Cody Hickel, Reporter

January 5, 2015

  Drill team? What drill team? This is exactly what AK-033 (West High JROTC program) has been saying for the past 4 or 5 years. AK-033 has not competed or even let alone had a drill team for the past few years. Why...

The One, the Only: David Souza

Makoa Prine

December 8, 2014

David Souza: friend to many, distinguished physicist, and the musically inclined teacher of the art and language hall of our West Anchorage High school. Not much is known of this renowned educator, and role model to some of our...

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Mr. Schumacher

Annie Rush, Reporter

December 8, 2014

1.) He wasn’t born- he was hatched. Known as the “baby of the family,” and the youngest of six children Joseph Schumacher was heavily influenced by his two older brothers and three older sisters. By the time he was old en...

Post-High School Preparation

Katie Haxby, Reporter

December 8, 2014

For the majority of this generation’s young lives, they are expected to spend a lot of time preparing for their futures away from their parents, whether it is just having a simple dream, taking advanced classes, getting work...

Death With Dignity

Timothy Gormley, Reporter

December 4, 2014

In case you don’t know, the Death with Dignity Act allows terminally ill people to use a prescribed lethal medication that will kill them. This only applies if they’re a legal resident of a state where it is legal. You must...

Cafeteria Traffic

Cafeteria Traffic

November 10, 2014

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