Mr. Berglund

If you can’t find Mr. Berglund in his classroom, chances are he is in the West Gym announcing a basketball game. For those who don’t know, Sven Berglund has been a devoted science teacher at West High for over 13 years now. For 11 of those years he’s been the music DJ and the play-by-play announcer of the West High Basketball Program.

When asked about how his sports broadcasting career got started, Mr. Berglund said, “I felt bad that the varsity girls never got their names announced during their home games but the varsity boys had that luxury for their games. So one day I picked up the microphone and announced for the girls team.” Principal Rick Stone thought Mr. Berglund’s idea to announce for both the boys and girls teams was an exciting idea, so he permanently kept Mr. Berglund as the official announcer for West Anchorage High School Basketball Program.

According to Berglund there are many things he enjoys about announcing. First, he loves to be able to control the music being played. Second, he has control over the crowd seated in the notorious and vocal West Side Nest. Third and most importantly, he has the best seat in the house.

When asked about the highlights of his broadcasting career, Mr. Berglund identified two games. The first game was a double overtime regions game against longtime rival the Dimond Lynx that involved former West High Basketball standout Ramon Harris. According to Berglund, the game brought about huge elation from the West crowd. The second game was when the West Varsity Girls Basketball team beat the Dimond Lynx for the first time on our home court in 2013. It was such an emotional win that the West fans celebrated by storming the court.

When asked if Mr. Berglund was considered to be a part of the West High Basketball Program, sophomore forward Noah Christy stated, “He definitely is part of West Basketball. Berg is always there for the team even when he’s not announcing the game.”

Mr. Berglund will be expanding his broadcasting talents to the football field. Starting next fall, Berglund will be the voice of the West-side Eagles Football at the brand new stadium at West. When asked if he had any future aspirations in sports broadcasting, Mr. Berglund said, “ I would love to take over announcing for the UAA Women’s Basketball team if and when that job becomes available.

As you can see, Mr. Berglund embodies what it means to be a proud West-side Eagle. Not only can you find him at a basketball game with a microphone in his hand, you will most likely also find him at many other West High sporting events. Including: Football, girls flag football, and volleyball. In the wise words of Sven Berglund, “ West is always Best.”