Alaska Dance Theatre Winter Performance

Alyssa Albright , Reporter

Alaska Dance Theatre is one of many dance studios in Anchorage. Located in midtown, Alaska Dance Theatre focuses on a blend of classical ballet techniques such as Checchetti and Vaganova. They also have many different dance classes such as jazz, tap, contemporary, modern, creative, and hip-hop.

Alaska Dance Theatre has two major shows per year, a holiday performance and a Spring performance, but throughout the two seasons they have roughly four or five additional productions.

Lucero Walker, a 15-year-old dancer has been at ADT for 12 years. Walker specializes in ballet, jazz, and contemporary dancing. She is currently dancing under her instructors Ilia Loscoco and Emily Loscoco along with Nicole Maple.

The production “Winter’s Dance” was held at the Performing Arts Center February 12th and 13th. Walker said the show ran smoothly despite a few small issues. “The live band played faster than our practice track, but we just adjusted our timing,” Walker said. “Other than that everything was good.”

The production was an hour and a half long and consisted of ballet, pointe, contemporary, and jazz dances.

West Anchorage High School senior Sophia Fast says her favorite part of the show was the ballet. “My sister is in ballet and it’s really graceful. I have no idea how they do that with their feet.”

Silvea Fast is another dancer for ADT. She joined when she was six years old. She specializes in pointe, but also participates in contemporary and ballet.  “It’s cool to see how much better everyone gets,” says Fast.

Many of the dancers have been working together since they were very young. “I like it because we are all friends. It’s more fun with them,” says Walker.

“I really like the winter performances because they are holiday themed,” says Fast.

The next performance with ADT will be in a few months after the dancers have enough time to rehearse.