Fall Choir Concert

Daniella Sudaria, Reporter

The golden curtains draped down the stage, as the West Anchorage High and Romig Middle School choirs came together on October 8th to perform a concert for family and friends. The very first choir concert of the year was a success to say the least, as the auditorium’s seats were filled right at six o’clock.

West and Romig choir have been directed by Choir Director Gabrielle Pierle since 2016. West Choir is known for their amazing performances, winning many awards not only in Alaska, but also out of state, most recently in Anaheim, California in Spring of 2018. They’ve won a total of eight trophies ranging in the men’s, treble and concert choir sections. Our very own West Choir has shown their talents locally, but also has shown the many beautiful vocals in other places.

In order to prepare for an upcoming concert, choir does sectionals separately, as Pierle sets up section leaders in order to learn the music. Later, Pierle fixes any issues that the sections can’t fix on their own.

Eunice Dulalia, a senior, has been a part of choir since middle school, making this year her sixth year. Dulalia explains how choir concerts can be very rewarding, as it is their time to share what they’ve been working on in class, for all their family and friends to see. Dulalia says, “Pierle tells us that we don’t just do concerts for us, but we do them to share a message of ourselves to the people in our audience.”

Dulalia spoke about her thoughts towards the 2019 fall concert. “Performance wise, I have no worries. But the time changed from 7pm to 6pm last minute, so that’s what I’m worried about the most.” Although the students were faced with much less time than they anticipated, the show must go on.

The arts can change someone and allow people to grow in the best ways. The ability to connect with each other, especially in the arts is vital to having a strong bond like West Choir has. “Choir should be a community, it shouldn’t be a competition, especially with each other,” Dulalia says.

Patrick Arcentales is a senior this year who is a part of West’s Mixed and Concert Choir. Arcentales mentions how the arts has changed him for the better.

“It has improved my confidence, and as well as my singing voice. It’s pretty nerve wracking to perform, but the concerts help me not have any fears, or stage fright anymore,” he says. West Choir is like family, in which makes it diverse, among the people and their life stories. They pride themselves in their success and their own connections within one another.

Every two years, the choir travesl out of state to compete, this year they are headed to the East Coast to perform in Carnegie Hall. After the fall concert is over, West Choir is preparing for their big performances in New York City for April 2020.