School Lunches


Marley Toleafoa, Publisher

Every day the West Anchorage High School cafeteria is swarmed by hundreds of students coming for a daily lunch break. Every day lunch includes meatballs, hot chicken and cold Subway sandwiches also being served everyday is pepperoni and cheese pizzas, then there will be daily mix-ups where they add a special for the day. They also serve vegetables which students are urged to take, with a choice of milk. For most of the students who have had school lunch for their entrée, because to them they are thankful that the school allows them to eat for free.


One of the students who has the privilege of free lunch is Alaelua Anituania a junior at West. He says that he has had school lunch his whole life and, “ Thankful to be one of the students who were able to eat during school.” But that doesn’t mean every lunch he had was a great meal. “Sometimes when I was in elementary school, milk would always be frozen or chunky.” He went to say that school lunches have gotten better the older he has become.

Some might say that school lunch is unhealthy, and not all agree. John Faletagoai lived in Russia and moved to the United States when he was in the third grade. He says that, “Russia had way healthier food for lunches, but America has more options so it doesn’t have that many limitations on what a child should eat.”  Since he wasn’t born in the states he says that he has to pay for his lunches. A whole lunch bundle costs $2.50, which includes one milk carton, vegetables, fruit and a main dish which is whatever they are serving for lunch. “It may seem expensive but food is food and I’m always hungry.”
According to the Huffington Post and Business Insider. Children who eat school lunches have a higher chance of developing eating disorders. It doesn’t matter if you buy lunch or get free lunch, the main goal of school is to make sure their students are getting their education, and to make sure students have something healthy to eat. Even if you think it looks disgusting, just remember that it is there no matter what for you to get something healthy in your body.