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Stephen Sereyko, Reporter

Stephen Sereyko is a sophomore who one day wants to move out of Alaska and explore as much as he can. Sereyko is a very active person and has done over eight different types of sports. Currently the sport he has done the longest is martial arts for about 8-9 years at Champ Tae Kwon Do. Right now he got recently hired as an instructor and Champ as a 3rd degree black belt and is working his way to a 4th degree before the year ends.

Outside of sports is when Sereyko can get the chance to relax and listen to music and plan for the future ahead. So far he has a few places he wants to travel before starting college and knows the top five colleges he wants to go to. His goal after completing high school is to go to college to become a surgeon or to get a degree in communications and hospitality so he can become an event planner. He lives by this quote "I stopped explaining myself when I realized people only understand from their level of perception."

Before college though he wants to either travel to London to visit his family he has never seen before or travel all along the east coast to learn more about America both past and present. One other option for after high school is to become a journalist outside of Alaska. For the reason that Sereyko is a journalist for West isn't to get the latest gossip but give everyone something interesting to think about when they go home for the day.

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Stephen Sereyko