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Ezra Dan, Reporter

Ezra Dan is a 14-year-old freshman at West High School who was born on May 7th, 2001. He loves to play outdoor hockey, read books, play video games, watch TV, and eat. Ezra has three older brothers that all went to West.

His favorite book is the Life of Pi because it is a fun book to read and he recommends it to everyone. His favorite food is probably whipped cream. He likes to have it because it has a lot of sugar and its fun to eat.

He plays wing for the West JV hockey team but they aren’t good and lose a lot of their games. Ezra’s favorite hockey player is Florida Panthers right winger Jaromir Jagr, possibly the best hockey player ever.

He loves to go to UAA hockey games and Aces games. In the summer, he likes to watch the Glacier Pilots play in the Alaska Baseball League. His favorite movie is "The Iron Giant," a movie he watched a lot when he was younger. He has lived in Anchorage his whole life but wants to leave.

Last summer, he went to New York City and wanted to live there as an adult. He took Journalism 1 and now is in Advanced Journalism, his favorite class because it’s easy and articles are fun to write. He wants to go to college and major in the subject. His dream job is to become a sportswriter for the Seattle Mariners, his favorite baseball team. Ezra also likes to bike places and tried to ride a lot.

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Ezra Dan