“Zootopia” Movie Review

Ezra Dan and

“Zootopia” is an animated family movie created by Disney that debuted on Friday, March 4. “Zootopia” is a world where animals, predators and prey live together in peace.

Ginnifer Goodwin plays Officer Judy Hopps and Jason Bateman plays a sly fox named Nick Wilde while Shakira is animal pop star Gazelle. The other actors are Idris Elba, JK Simmons, and Tommy Chong. “Zootopia” made $4.5 million for the opening weekend and as of March 22nd it has made $486 million. The comedy-drama adventure earned a 99 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes, based on 142 reviews. Gary Hoppenworth, a student at West, said, “I liked the movie a lot. I especially liked the animation in the film.”


In a world where predators and prey live together in peace, Judy Hopps, a rabbit from Bunnyburrow, chases her dream of becoming the first bunny cop in the “Zootopia” police department. After finishing first in her class, she is assigned to hand out parking tickets. On her first shift she meets Nick Wilde, a con artist fox. Hopps has 48 hours to find a missing weasel, one of many animals that has disappeared recently. Wilde gets involved in the case and Hopps forces him to assist her with the investigation. The team discovers that all the missing animals being held captive at the Cliffside Asylum. Although Judy Hopps finished first in her class, she faces challenges as the first bunny cop. Though, Hopps is determined to make “Zootopia” a better place. Wilde is a con artist fox who was made fun of as a cub for being a fox. He decided then that he would never let anyone know they affected him and that if everyone would stereotype him as a criminal fox, then he would become one. At the urging of Hopps, Wilde joins the police academy attempting to become the first fox police officer. Calvin Manalo a West High student said, “I thought the movie (Zootopia) was really funny. Definitely better than Inside Out. Hands down. And they had great animal puns.”


The movie is filled with action and adventure throughout the movie. Zootopia is also very funny and serious at times. The blockbuster movie includes Shakira who plays Zootopia pop star Gazelle. Tommy Chong is Yax, a laid-back Yak who owns the Mystic Springs Club a naturalist, or nudist, club. Byron Howard, Rich Moore, and Jared Bush direct the animated buddy cop flick. “I would definitely see it again. It was very hysterical, very funny. And it was way better than Inside Out.”, Manalo said.


Zootopia is the classic Disney movie that’s perfect for children. It is funny and includes many action-packed scenes. It also contains important messages about race and prejudice. Animals such as the bunny are supposed to become carrot farmers and nothing more while foxs are just hustling criminals.
Overall, the Zootopia movie is funny and adventurous.  It’s a great movie to watch with the family and helps children understand important messages about life. “Zootopia made me feel good because it had a good message about racial injustice that I think is very relevant to the modern age.”