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  • Best of West: Music

    Best of West: Music

    Houlton Dannenberg

    February 4, 2017

    Like most high school activities, the music programs provide their members with a like-minded community. West Anchorage High School is no different. West provides three astounding musical groups for its 1800+ students- the band, choir, and orchestra. Gabrielle Wibbenmeyer, the choir teacher at West, emph...

    West Anchorage Band Flag portrayed over the exit out of the Band/Orchestra room.

  • Student Athletes

    Student Athletes

    Madison Rock, Journalist

    February 3, 2017

      For many West Anchorage High School students, sports have been a large part of their school experience, as West is known for its impressive history with state championships. It seems as though there are always an abundance of Eagles at the games, on and off the field, court, or rink. Some students...

    Member of West’s flag football, softball, and hockey cheer teams, Beverly Larson, diligently working during 4th hour with fellow cheerleader, Brianna Williams.

    Madison Rock

  • Upcoming Events

    Upcoming Events

    October 2, 2016

    Parent Teacher Conferences February 23rd

West High School Hockey Tryouts

Lesley Bingham, Reporter

On Wednesday, October 12th, high school hockey tryouts began at Dempsey Ice Arena. The two time defending state champions, the West Anchorage Eagles, began their 2016-2017 season with three consecutive days of formal tryouts to determine the varsity and junior varsity teams. The junior varsity coach, Kelsey Romig, who...

December 7

UAA loses 6-0 to University of Minnesota

Ezra Dan, Reporter

The UAA hockey season got underway on October 7th at the Sullivan Arena with a 6-0 nonconference loss to the University of Minnesota’s Golden Gophers. Anchorage’s own Eric Schierhorn, Minnesota’s goaltender, stopped 14 shots; the fewest he’s had to face in a college game. Schierhorn was playing his first game...

November 10

Life as a dance teacher

Sahvanna Thompson, Reporter

Dance is much more than just your body moving around to music. Dance is an art form that lets your body move with emotion. Some dancers grow up to pursue their dream as a performing artist and others become a teacher for dance to give back what they learned. Lori Bradford, born in Miami, Florida, has been a dancer since ...

November 8

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Career and Technical Education Wing Grand Opening

Career and Technical Education Wing Grand Opening

Branden Truong, Reporter

On March 31, 2016 West Anchorage High School, had a grand opening for a newly constructed wing of the school. Around 50 to 60 people came out to the showing, which had Romig studen...

May 3

Hearth: New Wood Fire Pizza Open In Anchorage

Sara Grande, Reporter

On Saturday January 23, 2016 Anchorage received a new type of restaurant to the Northern lights community. Jon Campobello, same owner as Middle Way Café was inspired from the culinary...

April 5

Career & Technical Education (CTE) Wing

Savon Berry, Reporter

The (Career technical education) is the new wing at West Anchorage high school. It will teach West students and even students from U.A.A. The C.T.E wing has a wide variety of classes ...

April 5

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Naijah Jones, Reporter

DanceWest is a school dance program at West Anchorage High School. It gives kids at the school an opportunity to put on different school dance performances such as Ebenezer, Nutcracker, a...

February 3

Peter And The Starcatcher

Desirae Romero, Reporter

Peter and the Starcatcher is a show directed by Teresa K. Pond, originally a novel by Dave Berry. Rick Elice had made it into a play. It played September 30 - October 16 having one sho...

December 7

Who Is Gabrielle Wibbenmeyer?

Chris Torres, Reporter

Gabrielle Wibbenmeyer took the position as the new choir teacher at West Anchorage High School starting this school year. Growing up in St. Louis, Missouri, Wibbenmeyer participated in ...

December 7

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The student news site of West Anchorage High School
The student news site of West Anchorage High School