West High Lunchtime Choices

Aidan O’Shea, Reporter

Lunch activities for students and staff vary all around West Anchorage High School. Some people may drive somewhere to eat, while others will walk or stay on campus. Some may eat while some don’t eat at all. It all comes down to the individual student. No person is the same, so the following data and interviews only shows a generalization of lunchtime activities.

In addition to a student survey, three interviews were taken with the same questions asked (albeit with more elaborate answers). An individual named Tom Hubbard, when asked if he had driven a vehicle to get lunch or not, replied “no, because I don’t have a vehicle to drive at the moment.”

In another interview, an individual named Wesley Eastham, when asked if he eats with a specific group, replied, “I hang out with a group of friends, yes, assuming I don’t go out to get lunch that day.” In the final interview with Gunnar Peterson, when asked if he had ever walked anywhere to get lunch, replied, “Yes, quite a bit.” He also stated he typically did so with a group of friends (usually a specific group).

Overall, results across the three interviews and the 28-person survey suggests the activities conducted by students at lunch can be routine, but a student’s routine (or lack of) can be situational as well. Classwork and other responsibilities seem to be common factors in affecting any day to day actions. It also comes down to the individual student’s preferences and want of change in daily activities as well.