West’s New Library

August Kalina Heinrich, Reporter

The West/Romig Library has been under construction for the entire school year after incurring safety issues from a major earthquake in 2015. The new library is set to open in the fall of 2018 and will be completely revitalized and updated.

According to Staci Cox, the librarian, “There were seismic safety issues with [the library].” She said, “It needed some new bracing because that section of the building was built in 1972, whereas West and Romig were built in the 50s… [the library] was built with the technology to flex and then we were flexing into West and Romig…they needed some bracing to fix that.”

The library’s temporary absence has caused several issues for West; Cox said, “A class can’t come down and check out they used to.” She also mentioned that, “Half the collection is over at Romig… a lot of times a student needs a book and it’s over at Romig.” Andre Lief, a sophomore, said, “I used to go there when I ate lunch.” Cox said, “There’s no tables for the kids to sit at.”

Along with the absence of the library, two hallways have been closed, one of which connected West to the library. Lief said, “It’s been bad. I used to go down there a lot. Now I can’t.” He also said, “There’s too many people in that one hallway because there’s only one hallway that connects the science wing… to other parts of the school.”

When the library is finished, it will be very different from the old library that people remember. It will have a variety of new features and improvements. Cox said, “It’s got really bright, modern paint colors; new carpet; everything’s new… the tables are on wheels so we can move them around. There’s going to be study rooms in it that students can reserve if they just need a really quiet place to focus. There’s a big mobile wall; if there’s testing or something we’ll be able to close off a section of the library.”

The library will be finished before the next school year. Cox said, “We should be moving back in in May… hopefully in two weeks.” She said, “We can’t wait to start moving!”