Student Views on New President

Rae'Jeen King, Reporter

Many people are still in awe about the Inauguration of Donald Trump, and some people enjoyed seeing a new President get ready to enter the White House including the students of West High School. In American history we’ve had many Presidents but Donald Trump is the one who creates an ongoing controversy.

There are people who don’t want him as the President of the United States, there were people starting marches against Trump during the Inauguration, and people on social media starting the hashtag #NotMyPresident because those who voted against him didn’t feel it was fair to go by Electoral College votes.

Nafaria Malone McMillian is a Junior at West High School. She didn’t enjoy the Inauguration of Donald Trump, “The inauguration was straight trash, and Obama’s was better” said McMillian. She says she didn’t think he was a good choice for a President and she would never vote for someone like him. “I think he’s racist, he won’t keep any of his promises, and I think he’s going to run the country into a hole.” explained McMillian.

When asked if Trump’s presidency will affect her or her family, she stated “I did have family that have came to America without receiving full citizenship, they have done nothing wrong but work for their families, start better lives and they deserve the right to stay here” McMillian said. McMillian said that there was no point in arresting protesters as long as they weren’t rioting because it’s in our constitution that Americans have the legal right to peacefully protest. When asked what Donald Trump could do to make America better she said the only way for him to make America better is to be impeached.

Iliana Batista is also a Junior at West High School. When asked how she feels about the Inauguration, “I don’t feel that he is quite fit to be the President but since he’s President he better do something to improve the country,” Batista stated. She said he needs to do things for the greater good and no go back on the good promises he made during the Inauguration. “I think he needs to change his opinion on Hispanics because he sounds ignorant, and he judges without knowing character.” said Batista.

When asked if Trump’s presidency would affect her or her family, she said no it wouldn’t affect any of her family because they’re residents from Puerto Rico which is a territory of the United States. She said that the protesters didn’t need to be arrested but they need to be controlled because it’s their right to state their opinions but when it turns into chaos, it needs to be handled. She explained that in order for him to be a good president he should stop talking about deportation of illegal immigrants because there are some undocumented citizens who do no harm to the United States.


Kaleb Kuehn, a Special Education teacher at West High School, said he didn’t pay too much attention to the Inauguration but he did display it on his smart board to his students so they could see an Important part of American history. He said he didn’t agree with any of the two candidates because he stated he “had to choose the lesser of two evils.” Kuehn says that he didn’t know how to feel about Donald Trump but he did say that Trump is a good businessman and he has potential to do good things in the business aspect for the country. He explained that he doesn’t agree with Donald Trump’s personal beliefs and lacks positive communication and says it might cause conflicts and difficulties for the United States. When asked if he thought Trump could make America great again, he replied “Well when you make the billionaire the President of the United States with little political history I don’t really know.”If Kuehn was president, he would stay neutral, help the economy and meet individual needs. Kuehn explains that he thinks this country is full of diversity and he thinks that diversity itself is a part of what makes America great. Kuehn says right now he doesn’t know if Trump is genuine about some of his promises but all he knows is actions speak louder than words.

There were 116 students at West High School that were surveyed about what they thought during the Inauguration. The results were that 43 students said they did not enjoy the Inauguration, 30 said they enjoyed the Inauguration, 35 said they didn’t care and 11 said that they didn’t watch it. When surveyed about If they like the 45th president, 43 said they did not like the president, 26 students said they aren’t worried, and 32 students said that they think Trump’s presidency is great.

When asked if Trump will change the country for the better or for the worse and 38 said the president will change the country for the worse, 25 said the president will make America great again and 53 students said that they don’t have any predictions about what will happen to the country. The question that was very important was what the problem with America today, 32 said that the problem was both racism and money, 26 said it was racism, 31 said money was the problem, 16 said Donald Trump was the problem with America, and two students said religion was the problem. Out of all of these students, the majority of them said that they don’t think Trump is going to be a good President.

West High Students have the right to their opinions and so do the rest of the United States. Some think that America should be more divided and some think that there should be more diversity and a better way for the country to work. In the United States constitution, it says that we the people must insure domestic tranquility, and if American citizens stick to that then there is still hope for the future in this country.

Students in Barbara Isom-Jenning’s U.S History class watching the Inauguration.
As the students watch the Inauguration, they take notes on the importance of what they see.