Role of Student Government

Hunter Griffin, Reporter

Noah Carmody taking video footage of seniors for the senior video.
3rd hour student government class scheming up for the next West High event.


The students at West High have so many fun and interesting events to go to. There is always something going on at West that makes going to this school worthwhile. But nobody really knows or appreciates the process of setting up these events or who is even the one setting it all up. It’s the Student Government of West High that makes it all happen. Student Government plans events from school dances, to spirit days, to homecoming floats, to even movie nights.

All year round the students in Student Government are planning and creating ideas for fun events for the school. Every school year, the first event is always homecoming. To the students this is the hardest event to plan all year. The first day they walk into class they start planning homecoming because there are so many logistics that go into planning this event. “It’s probably our biggest event with floats, the dance, and all that so it’s definitely a lot right at the beginning,” said Kellsey Romig the Student Government advisor. Homecoming is usually three to five weeks into the school year so it takes a lot of the students that are new to the class off guard because they are planning spirit days, the pep assembly, the date of the dance, the venue, and the floats at the homecoming game right away.

Every week the student government 3rd hour class will have a schedule of what they will do each day that week. Mondays will be a class day where the freshmen will meet with other freshmen, the sophomores will meet with other sophomores and so on and discuss whatever they need to for their class. Wednesdays are committee days where the class will meet with the committees they are assigned to. “There is a dance and assembly committee, there’s the Litty Committee and they do nice stuff for the school, but yeah there’s a couple committees and they are really helpful for planning certain events,” said Student Body President Quacyya Cuaresma.  Thursdays the class will have a formal meeting where the whole class comes together and discusses the biggest issues. Friday is a miscellaneous day and the students can finish whatever wasn’t finished throughout the week.

When a spirit week comes around or a certain event, there will be signs all around the school telling people about it. “We paint and makes signs all around the school and it takes a lot of work,” said Executive Publicity Officer Rapi Sotoa. To most of the students and Mr. Romig, SWOOP is the most fun to plan out of all the events. They get to plan all the spirit games and SWOOP is always the most fun for the student body too. All around the school students don’t realize how much the Student Government of West High does for them. The Student Government makes the fun happen at West and they create so much that makes West High the best school to go to.