Freshman Fair II

Katie Soukkaseum, Reporter

Coming to West Anchorage High School as a freshman is hard. To ease this transition, West hosted a freshman fair in the auditorium and gym March 28 at 6pm.

The fair was to show newcomers the academics, activities, sports, and clubs West has to offer. There were about 500 people that showed up. Kids showed up with their parents and high schoolers also came to help talk about the activities. In the big gym there was tables all around. In the foyer there was a table selling sweats and t-shirts of West.

The freshmen fair happens every year. All incoming freshmen are sent an invitation in the mail. Emails and flyers were also sent out. The fair is a great opportunity for incoming freshmen to get excited about coming to high school and find out about the programs here.

Brian Hosken, the activities principal, he has been here at West for nine years. The freshmen fair happened because Hosken made it happen. Hosken said, “We get them excited in the auditorium by introducing them to our programs then set them loose in our gym.” When asked how it happens. Hosken said, “We want to create an environment that is very welcoming.” With a smile when asked why the fair happens.

A Romig Middle School student, Elias Roehl Paredes, attended. Paredes thought the freshmen fair is very helpful. Paredes said, “ It is stocked with much fulfilling information!” When asked what he thinks he will struggle with in high school, he said math homework, because that is his worst subject. He expects a lot more schoolwork and homework. Paredes said, “I am happy and scared of coming to high school because I will get a lot of detention from being late.” He is interested in football and would also like to play for West.

Travis Cantrell has been teaching at West for 27 years. Cantrell is a coach and teacher. He taught history for 10 years and Physical Education for 17 years. Cantrell coaches flag football and track. He is very happy because this year there is 135 kids in track. That is the most there has ever been. When asked how he feels about freshmen Cantrell said, “Freshmen is what makes the school go, it’s what gives you the start, little kids running around wanting to be adults.” Cantrell said that the freshmen fair is a good shot for kids to come and see what West has to offer. Cantrell comes to the fair every year. Cantrell said, “If you want to sell your program you come and represent.” Cantrell gave a tip to freshmen to get busy and not to slack so they don’t get behind on their schoolwork.