The Struggles of Being a Teacher’s Kid

Daniel Kim, Reporter

Ever wonder what it would be like to have your parent be a member of the place where you will have the most awkward times of your entire teenage life? The place where young adolescents “find themselves” and judge others based on preconceived notions of coolness and hormones.

And while all of this is happening, the person who has taught you about the ways of life is only a hallway away from the madness that is your high school. This is the life of two sisters who are daughters of a well-known math teacher here at West High School.

Sarah Dobler, the older of the two sisters and a senior at West High School, wasn’t the most excited about her father being a teacher at her school, saying “My dad is always going to be downstairs while I’m at school,” her referring to his room being room number 1, next to the main office.

When asked what advantages there are to having her parent be a teacher she replied, “I’m able to do a lot of stuff last minute.” She also notes that she feels extra pressure to do better in school and her being currently enrolled in her father’s statistics class is an example of this.

Emmalynn Dolber, the younger of the duo, is currently a junior here at west. Her general feeling towards her father working at the school is that it’s “convenient.” Like Sarah, when asked about whether or not she feels extra pressure to do better in school she replied “most definitely.” An advantage she believes she has because her father is a teacher is “having no parent teacher conferences.”

The disadvantage being, “he knows all of my teachers.” When asked about a situation where she had wished that he didn’t work at the school whether it was embarrassing or socially awkward, she said, “When he stands on the tables and yells.”

To get a different perspective, David Dobler, the father of the two high schoolers, gave us his perspective on the situation. David has been teaching the subject of math at West for five years now and has been a long-standing member of the West community.

He says that a huge advantage for him about his daughter going to the same school he teaches at is, “I’m familiar with the system, I know where their teachers are at and how they are doing in school and if there are ever any problems, the teachers know where to find me.”

A disadvantage for not him being here, but with his kids, is that he knows he puts a, “Cramp on their social life.” He also notes that he doesn’t feel like they should go better in school just because he is there saying, “I would expect them to excel, regardless if whether or not I was here, but I have never really thought of it that way.”

People may have different experiences about being a teacher’s kid and although this is just a perspective from one pair of sisters and their parent, It shows the overall struggle and glory of being a teacher’s kid and being your kid’s teacher.