The Lunch Spot: Kniefel’s Room


Scott Kniefel sells lunch to many students during lunch.

Jazzel Bartolome, Reporter

In Room 47, Scott Kniefel sells food to students every day during lunch. “The profit I make goes to the west wrestling team,” said Scott Kniefel. Students go to his class for food, a place to hang out, or to study.

More than 20 people go into his class during lunch everyday, and Mr. Kniefel makes $400 to $500 a day. “I like it. The rooms crowded, but I can deal with it,” said Angelique Ramat, senior.

Most students who go to his class during lunch are the juniors and seniors, as told by Scott Kniefel. The top products sold there are the Chicken Bakes and Arrowhead water bottles. “I go there to buy two water bottles and the chicken Bake. I spend about $4 or $3 every time I go there” said Efren Reyna, senior.

Scott Kniefel started this business in 2007 to get leftovers from dances sold to students instead of waiting for the next dance to sell them. “It was initially a great way to make a couple of bucks for the wrestling team, but now it’s becoming almost a full time job” Scott Kniefel explained. If anyone were to steal food from him, they would be banned from buying any of his products.

“In this one incident, I had the perpetrator pay for everything she stole” said Scott Kniefel.

He manages his business, having the classroom prepared everyday before and after lunch by buying food and refilling the items. Any time he is free, Mr. Kniefel will restock anything that is sold out or at the brink of being sold out.

Scott Kniefel profits a total of $800, and gives the west wrestling team 45% to 50% of the profit. The total amount of food he buys is up to $1,800, and the total profit of all the foods being sold is about $2,600. He makes sure each food is sold for .50¢ to $1.00 more.

Scott Kniefel’s will usually run the business alone, but he does get help from his assistant or daughter. They help Scott Kniefel by refilling and organizing the products. Scott Kniefel buys all the products.

The products are bought after school and during his free time.

Though the class is open during lunch period, his class is still available before and after lunch. Students may enter his room to buy food and drinks if it is necessary. His students are allowed to buy food from him during their period.

Scott Kniefel teaches English to all high school students. From freshmen to seniors, he teaches all. He has his students work on computers, having them type or read through it. They either read timeless books or plays by Shakespeare.

Every Friday, Scott Kniefel gives out vocabulary quizzes and has them read their book of choice. By the end of the semester he would have his students take a vocabulary test and book test.

Scott Kniefel has many responsibilities ranging from teaching, to business management and being a parent as well. Although it sounds rough, Scott Kniefel pulls through and continues every school year.